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Patrick Walkers White Zombie Page
Lyrics, articles, pictures, tablatures, the "Yeah" count, and information on J's guitar.
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Fan site that contains wav files, album information, and pictures from magazines.
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Reviews, music samples, interviews, a discography, and tablatures.
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The Blood, Milk, And Sky of White Zombie
This site maintains the best White Zombie discography on the net.
Lyrics at
White Zombie song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
Tim Jeffs Early White Zombie Bio
Contains a brief account of the early years of White Zombie written by Tim Jeffs, White Zombie's second guitarist.
Highway To Hell: Route 666
Contains Zombie art, tablatures, wav and midi files, and a discography. Not updated any more.
Amazon offers Electric Head Pt. 2 [CD-SINGLE] (Audio CD),06 January, 2004
heavy metal |  White Zombie  | heavy metal bands List price $10.49
Song "Grindhouse (A Go-Go)"

Listen to the dream of life - a
conversation - Hustle me beneath a
spark - flesh or reflection-Faith
can't hold insto-matic soul -
trapped the light - A fool for
love stand'n still - deep is the night - (Jump in the back - a
pack attack - Gimme that - dig in - Lethal mind - fugitive
kind - Hustle!) [X 2]
Steal'n back the past ahead - that's how
I'm roll'n - Trick racer so desperate - that's how I'm living
- Dead heat shred the midway air - I see forever - Drag-O-
Rama kick'n in - no say never (Jump in the back - a pack
attack - Gimme that - dig in - Lethal mind - fugitive kind -
Hustle!) [X 2]
Scrimshaw motherfucker bazooka 5-star cat a
howl'n - Kitten got a whip but no escape to bait the
prowl'n - yeah! If hell is like a woman, said "Take me to
the fire" Shot down! Another desperate love crucifier
Yeah! Boiling out of nowhere - crazyhead decision -
Skintight on the action grind into collision yeah!
Breath'n seeped into my head - the gang is bang'n - Pump
the creature daddy-o - spring-loaded hang'n-Everything
ya always need - right for the taking-Shoot the works
the haunted hill house is a shak'n.

Kyuss, Babes in Toyland, Reverend Horton Heat, and White Zombie ...
--White Zombie, Electric Head Pt. 1. I don't know about you, but the lyrics crack me up. Punctuated with Rob Zombie's trademark "yeah! ...
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Yes, if you believe that White Zombie are parodying all these styles of music! White Zombie have always managed to make me laugh, especially whenever Rob ...
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I might as well review White Zombie. There are those who will sing the praises of this movie as an underappreciated classic. They're right. ...
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Guide Review - DVD: "White Zombie". Lugosi followed up his star-making turn in Dracula (1931) with this ambitious horror film from the bargain-basement ...
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Scum of the Earth Beneath the Devil Girl (antiMUSIC)
(PR) Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS & White Zombie drummer Ivan DePrume) have announced the completion of a new music video for their song "Beneath The Living" which is featured in the upcoming psychological cult thriller film entitled "Devil Girl". The video was directed by the movie's director, Howie Askins of Monkey Man Films.
Music Review: Testament - The Spitfire Collection (
Testament is a band that has stayed true to metal ever since they first burst on the scene back in 1987 with the release of The Legacy . They were a part of the second wave of thrash metal in the 1980s, along with Exodus, following on the heels of bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. They have put out strong releases for as long as they have been around, even with their ...
Scum of the Earth Find Drummer (antiMUSIC)
(PR) Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) have announced that Ivan DePrume has joined the band.
The Marine (
When The Rock unofficially decided, several years ago, that he'd like to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, someone must've sensed an opening down the action-hero totem pole; who's going to be the next Jean-Claude Van Damme, the next Chuck Norris, or the next The Rock, for that matter?
Metal File: Bloodsimple, Starkweather, Testament & More News That Rules (MTV ...
Bloodsimple's frontman says the band "wanted to bring out some different colors that are going to scare some fans away" on their second LP.
The Cult Prep New CD (antiMUSIC)
(Z98) THE CULT will enter the studio next month to begin pre-production on the group's first album since 2001's "Beyond Good and Evil". A fall release is expected. Also planned for release is a DVD of the band's November 13, 2006 concert at Irving Plaza in New York City, tentatively due in April.

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