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Normally when I see a suggestion on a CD wrapper that says "for fans of..." I shy away from the purchase because it is never right. However, I heard that Stampin' Ground is fast paced and full of politically charged angst. I purchased the disc and it is great: heavy, technical, and angry. The vocalist has such an amazing set of vocals chords that he shreds to pieces in each song sometimes with other members of the band. Slayer-esque guitar twangs, impecable drum work; but this disc. Track one is excellent, "Officer Down" just check out that sound sample, and you'll be sold.
Song "Boiling Point"
Boiling Point
What no shame
Broken Dreams
What no shame

I have come for you
Since I was to die
Boil to unknown sights
Make believe broken dreams
Broken dreams

Boiling point

Point of no return
Fears and dreams disguise
Lifes noose
Can I
Face the chair (electric chair I assume)
Face the chair

Face the chair
Boiling point

Falling to darkness
Where the sky turns red
Turns into stark features
Letting you wish you would live
You wish you would live

What no shame
Boiling point
Broken dreams
What no shame

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