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Official English site. Discography, specials, information on the date and location of new Rammstein concerts, and a restricted access fan area, for which you have to pay an annual fee.
PTR's Rammstein Page
Fan site with band history, discography, pictures, audio and video clips.
Rammstein - Totes Fleisch
Pictures, audio, and video.
doktor_rammstein's surgery
Pictures, history, webrings, and a section on the Columbine killings. In English and German.
Spiel Mit Mir's Tribute to Rammstein
Translations in English and Swedish, photographs, and information.
Rammstein Bass Tabs
A collection of Rammstein tabs
Pictures and information about the band.
Lyrics, video clips, articles, pictures, tour schedule, show reviews, guitar tablature, a discography, forums, and free e-mail.
Launch: Rammstein
Discography, reviews, news, interviews, and links.
FyreEngel's Rammstein site
Band information, discography, and voting.
An English speaking web site for Rammstein the industrial metal artists. Discography, Biography, Downloads, Large Gallery and News and Info. Plus rare CDs. We are also on the wap see main site for the address.
Amazon offers Rosenrot (Audio CD),17 November, 2005
heavy metal |  Rammstein  | heavy metal bands List price $31.49
Rosenrot ist wonderbar!! / 5
If you don't have this, order it!!! I have had this for four months and still can't get enough of it. My favorite song has to be "Stirb nicht vor mir/Don't die before I do". "Rosenrot", "Spring", and "Wo Bist Du?" is great too. It even has a Spanish song, "Te Quiero Puta!. Very funny! And the dvd that came with it...awesome! Especially "Mein Teil" concert. I have all thier cds/dvds and love them all!
Song "Das Alte Leid"
Aus der Bohne und in das Licht
ein Wesen mich zu gehen drängt
für die selbe Sache und das alte Leid
meine Tränen mit Gelächter fängt
und auf der Matte fault ein junger Leib
wo das Schicksal seine Puppen lenkt
für die selbe Sache und das alte Leid
weiß ich endlich hier wird nichts verschenkt

Aus der Bohne und in das Nichts
weiß jeder was am Ende bleibt
dieselbe Sache und das alte Leid
mich so langsam in den Wahnsinn treibt
und auf der Matte tobt derselbe Krieg
mir immer noch das Herz versengt
dieselbe Sache und das alte Leid
weiß ich endlich...

Ich will ficken

Nie mehr das alte Leid

Rammstein-Live Aus Berlin Review - Rock DVDs. Review of 149019
Rammstein-Live Aus Berlin in Rock DVDs / Film Reviews reviews at Review Centre.
In Music We Trust - SHOW REVIEW: Rammstein
SHOW REVIEW: Rammstein June 18, 1999 -- Portland, Oregon (Roseland Theatre) ... Rammstein. This band seems to generate such dreadful reviews in the media. ...
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Living life with a cord in New Zealand (Daily Aztec)
It's a terrifying feeling at first. You know the elastic cord is strapped to your body, but you wonder whether it will hold. If it doesn't, you've basically signed up in advance for your own death. That's how I felt last July in Queenstown, New Zealand, where bungee pioneer AJ Hackett packages three jumps together and offers them to adrenaline-seekers.
Beyond the Shuffle Button: Sorting Music by Sound (E-Commerce Times)
Musical tastes are not easy to classify with just a few tags. What gets one person's foot tapping and their heart thumping is not going to win over their cousin necessarily. Moods also swing or swoon to a fickle beat, and the music you may want to match or detach your mood can't be easily conjured from a rudimentary playlist or a limited catalog.
February 01, 2007 (The Shorthorn)
During a recent taping of ?The Megan Mullally Show,? the audience looked remarkably different ? more like MTV?s ?TRL? crowd. When Mullally was finally able to speak over the crowd and introduce the musical guest, the gaggle of teenage girls went crazy as the band RBD begin to sing in Spanglish.
Alien alloys (The Phoenix)
Dir En Grey?s extreme metal Dir En Grey filled the token ?foreign-language weirdos? slot ? former home of Rammstein ? on last year?s Family Values Tour.
Ready for Fatal Smile? (antiMUSIC)
(Kayos) Spain?s wildly adventurous Locomotive Records?distributed stateside by Ryko?is readying the February 20, 2007 release of Neo Natural Freaks by Fatal Smile.

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