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Pleistoscene Lyrics
Ultra World lists the lyrics to "Who Will Save Us Now?", "Ordinary Life".
The official site of the solo rock project created by musician/songwriter Zim Zum. It includes news, biography and band profiles, press, and audio band diaries. [Requires Flash]
Planet Pleistoscene - The Zim Zum Zone
Includes news, lyrics, bio, interviews, stories, images, quotes, fan art, fan fiction, fan club, encounters, and FAQs. Pleistoscene
Includes an overview of who this band is, and a few links.,,1215078,00.html?src=redirsearch&artist=Pleistoscene
E-TABS [guitar tabs archive] - Tablatures for pleistoscene
Gives user interpreted guitar tabs for "Who Will Save Us Now?", the first mp3 release off of the official website.
The Gates of Purgatory - lyrics
Pleistoscene's "Who Will Save Us Now?" lyrics.
Musikk | Band og artister | Plater og sanger | -cgi-bin-addb.cgi? ...
... Category: Band og artister: P: Pleistoscene ... Object Type: review-release Anmeldelse (Release) - Anmeldelse of a release, including compilations and box sets. ...
PLEISTOSCENE TABS - All Songs. ... Department Of Consumer - Department Of Consumer Live Jewelry Auction Reviews - Live Jewelry Auction Reviews.
MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: P: Pleistoscene
Pleistoscene is the Chicago based, musical manifesto/artistic outlet for ... Who Will Save Us Now? 2001. Ordinary Life (1 review), 2002 ...
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