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Amazon offers Heart Attack (Audio CD),01 January, 2002
heavy metal |  Krokus  | heavy metal bands List price $11.98
Good Ol' 80's Hair Metal / 5
This album is nothing specatacular but i gave it 5 starts becuase all the songs make me smile and puts some humor in me. I love the super high vocals, its good stuff!!!! hahaha
Song "Go My Way"
Here today and gone tomorrow
Yeah, that's the way that it goes
Can't hang around in a lifeless bar
I like to stay on my toes

Now there's a place where the music is loud
Hey, let me buy you a beer!
Where people laugh and the girls fall in love
Havin' a ball in here!!!

I go my way, follow my heart
This world of steel won't slow me down
I'm going my way
Livin' it up with the best friends

Havin' a thrill
Gotta whole lotta livin' and the adrenaline's high
Spin another refill
Out for the money
'scuse me while I kiss the sky

This is the place where the music is loud
And they sell the best beer, come on, yeah!
The girls are dancing'n'making the boys proud
Havin' a wild time here!!!

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