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Amazon offers Endorama (Audio CD),28 September, 1999
heavy metal |  Kreator  | heavy metal bands List price $16.98
Endorama / 5
I don't see why everyone hates this album...people can't except a change in a band, they just want the same thing over and over, well...not all people want that, anyways, this is a good CD, it's not the typical thrash Kreator, it indeed has some "Industrial" influences, and it is slower than prior releases, but still a pretty cool CD, it's not Extreme Aggression or Coma of Souls, but it's worth a listen.
Song "Storm Of The Beast"
Night is coming down
Fog is all around
The beast is leaving his bloody home
The smell of blood
Is in the air
People die if he wants throne
And they fall down, down of their knees
Mercy is a world that he don't know
Storm of the beast, Storm of the beast [2]
Locked up doors
Don't get out
The beast makes death like a game
He burst heads
Thrash all down
He destroys and feels ever the same
And they fall down, down of their knees
Mercy is a world that he don't know
Storm of the beast, Storm of the beast [2] : Reviews : Albums : Kreator, "Violent Revolution"
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