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Dark Domain of Insanity: King Diamond
Tribute page featuring author's personal King Diamond pictures, interviews, and up-to-date news.
King Diamond
Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
The Greek Coven
Official Greek King Diamond fan club site. Includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, pictures, fan submissions, and membership information.
WitchsVamp King Diamond Treasure Chest
Includes news, discography, pictures, lyrics, downloads, and some of the author's personal collection of memorabilia.
The Coven Worldwide
The official King Diamond website. Includes biography, discographies, news, lyrics, pictures, contests, and fan clubs for both King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.
Amazon offers Spider's Lullabye (Reis) (Audio CD),24 February, 1998
heavy metal |  King Diamond  | heavy metal bands List price $13.98
Diamond in the web / 5
I was surfing through the Amazon , checking out some new music interests , when suddenly I decided I would sneek in a few King Diamond clips for old time sake. Obviously , I am a metal head , cruisin' this genre one would have to be would'nt they? And as I do so love The King in all his forms , including Mercyful Fate , but more so his solo stuff and such , anyway , I scrolled to my personal favorite , "The Spider's Lullabye" , and was shocked to see that only one person had reviewed the thing. The voice of King Diamond is what its' all about , am I right? Yeah , you bet ya'. You see , from within him comes a freakish , almost inconceivable falsetto voice that only Midnight of Crimson Glory can come close to emulating. {who by the way has a new solo album out as of Aug. 05 , titled Sadaka , which I have on order by the way}. Point in point , no song you'll ever hear by King Diamond will display this rare gift of his better than the number five track , "Moonlight" , on The Spider's Lullaby. Check this out if your into rare and uniquely talented musicians.
Song "Black Devil"
There he was that little man, sitting by the altar... Black Devil
Carved in stone so dark and could... Black Devil
Help me, Help me, cause I don't know what's going on
It was the early morning of the seventh day
I had been making love to Angel in every single way
The sun was peeking through a window high above
That's when I saw her kiss the little devil on his head
Black Devil... if you could only speak... Black Devil
What do you see when you're looking at me?
There he was that little man, fingers spread like claws... Black Devil
I wonder what it is he knows... Black Devil
Help me, help me, cause I don't know what's going on
Black Devil... if you could only speak...
Black Devil What do you see when you're looking at me?
When I look around, this church on holy ground
There are things within, that should have never been
Why two pulpits in a place like this?
One facing to the East, the other to the West
One of th guilded canopies have gargoyles in the sun
And on the other canopy I see demons having fun
Black Devil... if you could only speak... Black Devil
What do you see when you're looking at me?
Black Devil always near, why don't you want me here?
I can feel your hate in my soul, I wonder what it is you know
Black Devil... what's going on?

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