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Amazon offers Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance (Audio CD),14 May, 2002
heavy metal |  In Flames  | heavy metal bands List price $16.98
A good album, but it limits its audience / 5
Now Im not one for conformity but In Flames made the right move in cleaning the sound of their lyrics, the music on this album is amazing, but to most hard rockers its just good music marred by poor vocals. Even though Im a huge fan of the rasping scream of most metal bands (children of bodom, dimmu borgir,wintersun, kalmah, etc.) but In Flames just sounds better clean. So if you dont like your music super heavy then the albums Jester race, colony, whoracle wont be for you. However I suggest heavy dosages of clayman, soundtrack to your escape, reroute to remain, and come clarity.
Song "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids"
Bible arm on social hell
Spins its downward spiral
With each year of unprogression
A fine of failure is added
Closer than ever to the edge
A feat in resident martyrs
Strong objects track my body,
My body down

Eyes, disappearing rebirth of light...
Between a labrynth of errors
And the key to the suicide era
Digging through the graves of giants
Words fly to me
A lonely road, like a promise
Failing miserably
Running through like an alphabet of hate
To shake the entire organism closer than ever,
Ever to the edge

Eyes, disappearing rebirth of light...
Between a labrynth of errors
And the key to the suicide era

I kill for the code to disarm this mess
Of psychotic chaos that once I mixed up myself


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