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Jason's HammerFall Page
A fan site.
German HammerFall Website
This is a German fansite.
Oficjalna Polska Strona HammerFall
Website from Poland
Includes lyrics and pictures.
Rising Horizons
Heavy Metal Site feat. Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Edguy, Hammerfall and Iron Savior
Legacy de HammerFall
South American Fansite
The Official HammerFall Homepage
The Official HammerFall Page, here you will find all the latest news, tourdates,sound files, forum, and also chat sessions with the band members.
Le site des templiers
French Fanclub website
Amazon offers Glory to the Brave (Audio CD),12 May, 1998
heavy metal |  HammerFall  | heavy metal bands List price $5.99
Just a Great Band / 5
Hammerfall keeps going. If you know Hammerfall you must know Glory to the Brave, the song which gives its name to their first album. Both Glory to the Brave and Ravenlord are good songs. It is worth for 5 bucks. But it is hard to find. You will wait to get it.
Song "The Metal Age (live ’98)"
Icy water on my hands
the roar of thunder everywhere
I close my eyes, I realize
I'm far away from home
in the Twilight Zone, the shadows mourn
Out of the night came the shining ...
the Metal Age

Ivory towers conceal my eyes
caught up in a long lost time
Where no one speaks, at liberty,
they guard their destiny
to forge the steel, they will reveal
out of the night came the shining ...
the Metal Age

I'm falling into the breach
I'm a stranger in this land, I'm falling

Standing strong, the brave and the elder
with scars seldom forgotten, above it all
Come with us, offering shelter
from the icy wind that shiver
come with us to the twilight zone, oh yeah

You're welcome to the Metal Age

Hear the bell begin to chime
the moonlit skies burst out in flames
The time has come, it must be done,
let the power be unchained
By the force within, let the war begin

Out of the night came the shining ...
the Metal Age

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