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Amazon offers Untitled (Audio CD),19 March, 2002
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thrilling / 4
The depth and range of the melody in these songs took me completely by surprise. Five Pointe O seamlessly blends several different styles of heavy metal together to make one thrilling melody driven album. Sometimes the singing is reminiscent of Mike Patton, and the screaming, or growling sounds like many of the death metal vocalists. All in all, this album is refreshing on many different levels. Those who want their metal straightforward and simplistic, this one is not for you. Five Pointe O is definitely one of the best of the so-called nu-metal bands. Looking forward to hearing what's next.
Song "Syndrome Down"
I kick back and watch the stars as they say
"this day will come so please dont be afraid"
but since this childs a man now
we'll be away away away
youve spent too long away away away
we only sleep to pass away the days
ive learned to leave my body
to find peace away away away
youve gone too far away away away
a childhood friend is now unknown to me
thieves in the stars are godlike
while theyre away away away
a smothered star
the wombs way too far
all fingerprints astray astray astray
where wide-eyed gods are thought to be unseen
some slip out of their conscience to find truth
away away away
a gathered source of waves of waves of waves
abandoned body, mobility of "think"
aesthetic proof beyond nimbus
come find me away away away
smothered star
the wombs way too far
somethings wrong
its very wrong
it all becomes unharmed
seared stretch of soil and scab
a bored time of simple man
we need something more
something more
time stands still in childrens hands
it all changed cause bruce lees dead
we need something more
something more
coffee-filled robots with plans
dollars, dimes, supply and demand
we need something more
something more
a smothered star
the wombs way too far
a smothered star
the wombs way too far
would way out there
youre sort of strange
fruit for the brain
hope of true source
but its so far it seems way too far // Interviews // Five Pointe O // We are NOT ...
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