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Deep Purple Chord Archive
Partial collection of tablatures & chords.
Made in Japan
Los Angeles based tribute band. Includes biography, photos, gig schedule, and audio samples.
Deep Purple
Bootleg cover art and CD-R trading. Based in the Netherlands.
Deep Purple Revival
Cover band from Czech Republic - information, concerts, songs, photos. Deep Purple
Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
The Masta's Deep Purple Bass Tabs
Collection of tabs for Deep Purple
The Deep Purple Diary
A chronological listing of the performances and recordings throughout the band's career.
Deep Purple/Rainbow
Includes pictures, links, music, and video clips.
Deep Purple Digest
Moderated mailing list dedicated to the band.
Amazon offers Machine Head (Dlx) (Audio CD),17 November, 1998
heavy metal |  Deep Purple  | heavy metal bands List price $19.98
The classic hard rock album remixed and remastered. / 5
Machine Head is an essential album. It started the Deep Purple "mania" here in the States, and by 1973 and '74 they were the biggest selling act in America, and without being a sellout! That's a fact.

Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath's Paranoid, and Deep Purple's Machine Head stand as that "Holy Trinity" of Hard Rock we so often hear about. These albums provided the blueprint for virtually every metal band coming out of the 70`s. Though the least renowned of the big three, Machine Head contains the "Beethoven's 5th (da, da, da, da) of all guitar riffs, Smoke on the Water, a song that needs no introduction. The album also features the classic opener, Highway Star, which symbolizes all of Deep Purple's strengths and flexibilities, while showing off the finest soloing duel ever, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and keyboardist Jon Lord. Also, singer Ian Gillan (simply the finest singer of his generation), who blasts out with astonishing authority, range and power all the way through this album. Gillan lets the band take over on the largely instrumental Lazy, which would evolve into an incredible live jam on the Made In Japan disc. The unhurried shuffle feel of Maybe I'm a Leo shows that even the "filler" is great. Pictures of Home and Never Before remain indispensable, displaying the group at their melodic best. Another fabulous Blackmore riff propels the stunning Space Truckin', a fitting closer to one of the essential Hard Rock albums of all time.

Besides getting the seven songs from Machine Head, you also get the rare and excellent B-side "When A Blind Man Cries." Plus, a complete remix of the Machine Head album as well, including that rare B-side. It sounds as if this album was recorded in the 21st century. Bravo Roger Glover!

Enjoy a milestone album, twice!!!

Song "Flight Of The Rat"
Spread the word around
The rat is leaving town
The message is a song
The misery is gone

Once I had a dream
To sing before the queen
She didn't want to know
She wouldn't see the show

What a fright
I couldn't do it right
Oh what a night

Mystic demons fly
All about the sky
With memories of a clown
The saddest show in town

When I was seventeen
Me mother said to me
Be careful what you touch
You shouldn't take so much

I blew my mind
She was so kind
I could have cried

In my mind
I had to find
A kind of new way
Of being oh so cool
Like a blue blooded
Well studded
English fool

Speak about the past
Times are changing fast
Once I was so weak
I couldn't even speak

Shaking put a curse
Nothing could be worse
Walking through the door
Who could ask for more

Now I'm free
And I can see
And I can see

Spread the word around
The rat is leaving town
The message is a song
The misery is gone

Shaking out a curse
Nothing could be worse
Walking through the door
Who could ask for more

Now I'm free
And I can see
And I can see

Please stay away

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