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Beggar's Banquet: The Cult
From the band's UK label, featuring a mail-order only release.
PopMatters - The Cult
Overview of the band's career and reviews of their albums.
Kevpa's Lyrics and Stuff - the Cult Lyrics
Listed by album and by title; also includes pictures.
Ian Astbury
Review of 'Spirit/Light/Speed', the new album (out July 2000) from Ian Astbury, the front man from The Cult.
Unofficial site for The Cult with discography, rarities, news, and photos.
The Cult
Collector's guide offering information on releases from 1983 onwards.
Southern California based tribute band. Features concert dates and sound files.
Taokow's Love Removal Machine
Tribute to The Cult.
Amazon offers Electric (Audio CD),07 March, 2000
heavy metal |  The Cult  | heavy metal bands List price $15.98
A new sound (and a horribly inconsistent one). / 3
A clear indication of the influence a producer can have on a band, "Electric" was a massive stylistic shift for the Cult under the influence of Rick Rubin, who steered the band away from their gothic and psychedelic influences and towards a more straightahead L.A. hard rock sound-- guitarist Billy Duffy's semi-hollow guitars, laden in effects, so crucial to the sound of the band, were traded in for a Les Paul and a pile of distortion and Ian Astbury's most indulgent swagger and attitude in his vocals were encouraged and suddenly, there was a very different band going under the name The Cult. The band had previously recorded an album (to be titled "Peace") and brought an early version of "Love Removal Machine" to Rubin for remixing. The producer didn't find anything to do with the piece, but saw the same potential the band saw in it and suggested a rerecording-- "Electric" being the product of that suggestion.

Mind you, one thing that's pretty clear-- the band didn't seem completely ready for the massive style shift, and the net result is "Electric" is a remarkably inconsistent album-- the great material on here is absolutely phenomenal-- opener "Wild Flower" is a statement-- riff based rock, a fierce guitar solo, and enough attitude for a dozen albums in three-and-a-half minutes, "Lil' Devil" sounds like it was recorded by a bunch of 20 year olds in 1973, full of rock swagger and energy, and "Love Removal Machine" is another just great slice of riff-based rock and with fantastic performances from the whole band-- bassist Jamie Stewart maintains the old-style ringing sound that was prevelent in the old recordings, Duffy is inventive and exciting, and Astbury delivers his most over the top performance.

But quite frankly, the rest of the record falls way short, either marred by oddball production choices (the second vocal shout of "baby" overdubbed on the tail-end of the not-as-good-as-it-should-be "Peace Dog", the total production wreck of "Aphrodisiac Jacket") or being simply unmemorable ("Electric Ocean", "King Contrary Man"). And then there's the spectacular misfire in covering Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild". It's tough to say what's worse, the sludgy rhythm guitars, the completely lifeless drum performance (and for that matter, production, the drums sound ludicrous), Duffy's totally disjoint (and not in a good way) guitar solo, Astbury's bizarre attempt at what I can only assert must be an teen-angst soaked sneer or the stunning bad idea of adding a whispered harmony now and again. It is though, one of those pieces that I really revel in disliking, so I suppose it's worth hearing.

Still, when all is said and done, the good material on "Electric" is so good that it carries the album nicely, but the album is kind of a mess.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 04.03.22
Kevin Clinton, Myth and Cult: The Iconography of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Stockholm: Svenska Institutet i Athen, 1992 . Pp. 209; 12 illustrations, ...
The Cult: Pure Cult: the Singles 1984-1995 - PopMatters Music Review
Overview of the band's career and a review of "Pure Cult: the Singles 1984-1995."
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Ian Astbury leaves gig with Doors members to relaunch The Cult (Asbury Park P...
Ian Astbury has moved on from playing in a band with members of The Doors to relaunch his '80s hard rock group The Cult, the singer said Thursday. "I have decided to move on and focus on my own music and legacy," Astbury, 44, said in a statement e-mailed by The Cult's publicist Todd Brodginski. Astbury has been performing the past four years with Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, 68, and guitarist ...
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Ian Astbury has moved on from playing in a band with members of the Doors to relaunch his '80s hard rock group The Cult.
Ian Astbury leaves gig with Doors members to relaunch The Cult (The San Franc...
LOS ANGELES - Ian Astbury has moved on from playing in a band with members of the Doors to relaunch his '80s hard rock group The Cult, the singer said Thursday.
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"Doors" singer Astbury hangs up leather pants (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
British rock singer Ian Astbury has quit the Doors revival band formed by two of the legendary group's members, and will resurrect his old combo the Cult, he said on Thursday.
Ian Closes The Door on the Doors (antiMUSIC)
(BW&BK) THE CULT vocalist IAN ASTBURY has officially moved on from working with Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of THE DOORS. The band, performing under the moniker RIDERS ON THE STORM, has toured the world extensively over the past four years, and had just completed a sold-out 13-date tour of Europe.
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