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Amazon offers This Present Darkness (Audio CD),11 January, 2000
heavy metal |  Chimaira  | heavy metal bands List price $10.99
Great, early release from Chimaira / 5
This is Chimaira's first release and it is an 8 song EP. Two of the songs, "Painting the White to Grey", and "Sphere" were re-recorded on Pass Out of Existence. The main difference between this and modern day Chimaira is it is a lot rawer, and the electronic elements are not as abundant. The song "This Present Darkness" is an instant classic and should satisfy any true headbanger. Mark Hunter's voice is very intense on this album, but his vocals do not sound as confident as they do on The Impossibility of Reason (definitely their best release so far). If you can find this CD, I recommend you get it, but prepare to pay a lot for it because it is currently out of print.
Song "Jade"
Face black another shadow of innocence tainted
Gave back all the lights and glitter
Wrong track again and again is stings
Wish you all could feel like this
12 is for the reason of regret
9 is for the pain that I'm caused
Will strife ever cease? Someday...
Fuck this mind that is made to hate
Complete the task of humility
Restrained from who they want me to be
That's what they want me to be
That is not quite good enough for me
Fuck you and your thoughts on me
Fuck you and your thoughts of me
Fuck you how can I not be me
Fuck you I will never let you take me
I will never be that good little one
I can never see what is so good about life
I can never change just who I am,
just what it is I think I am doing
My hands fell down now I know I failed
You were not there to pick up the waste of this pathetic tale
Maybe I should just end all this right here
Would you like that?
Maybe you could cope knowing that you all have succeeded
I am staying here to betray all of you
Never failing me again
Cut a bleeds slowly can you see it ooze?
I'm going to save me
My eyes turn the color jade
I look at everyone around me
I am so sick of this place
Anyone and anything makes me sick
I just want to end it all
I return to my room walls white with black shades
Oh how would red look?
The reasons are not for your ears
The feelings are not for your heart
I circle in tears wishing, hoping, dreaming
Can I find a way out besides this?
I need it
I want to be where you are
I miss you Review: Chimaira - Chimaira
Chimaira Chimaira review at ... Given the dramatic shift in style between Chimaira’s debut full length release (2001’s Pass Out Of ...
Chimaira - Chimaira review
Skin Splitter's Review: Well, once again Chimaira comes to the playing field with a new album. With the loss of Andols Herrick and Ricky Evensand I was ... - Metal Review of Chimaira - Self Titled
Metal Review provides you with insightful and focused heavy metal reviews with the intention to steer you to the finest metal for your dollar. Chimaira: Music
Editorial Reviews Album Description Chimaira return with their brand new self-titled album, following their breakthrough The Impossibility Of Reason, ...
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Chimaira Video Premiere (antiMUSIC)
(PR) Fans will wait no longer. Behold! CHIMAIRA?s music video, ?Resurrection?, the title track from their highly anticipated Ferret Music debut will be airing on MTV2?s Headbanger?s Ball on February 24th @ 10 PM EST. ?Resurrection?, CHIMAIRA?s new recording, will be released on March 6.
Chimaira Parties (antiMUSIC)
(PR) On Monday, 3/05, Jagermeister presents the Chimaira CD Release Party at Peabody's Down Under. Tickets will be free in advance and $5 at the door. First 50 attendees will receive a free t-shirt!
Pieces are falling into place for Promised Eden (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
The band Promised Eden called its debut album "Guilt," though this may be the most guilt-free rock record out of Worcester in some time.
'Resurrection' marks return of different kind of Chimaira (The Triangle Online)
If there was ever proof of fate, Chimaira is the example. Recently, the six-piece metal-core band from Cleveland, Ohio, went through drastic changes. Fate brought them through, however, and the band is on its way back to underground stardom with the release of a highly anticipated new album, Resurrection.
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