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Children Of Bodom
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Children of
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Amazon offers Are You Dead Yet (Bonus Dvd) (Audio CD),28 February, 2006
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Song "Bed Of Razors"
I see the candle light burning in your
eyes, flareing up my eyes in flames
On this pitch-black summer night...
of passion and pain

The razor caressed my flesh
and my arms turned red, I feel a vast desire
Years of pain are flowing down my arms.
Sweet, red, warm stream you drink, make me released
Give me your hand, let me make you feel the ease,
in the bed of razors we bleed together...

I feel the fire burning in my heart,
I see it sparkling in your eyes
The blaze you're feeding more and more

The razor caressed your flesh and your arms turned red.
I feel your vast desire
Tearing pain is flowing down your arms.
Sweet, red, warm stream I drink to make you released
Holding your arms, cherish this composure,
in the bed of razors we sleep together, forever...

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[Concert Review] Children of Bodom
Last night was the Children of Bodom concert with guests Chimara and Through The Eyes Of The Dead. I had waited so long to see.
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"One week ago Alexi had the worst luck. He tripped at a bowling alley and his shoulder was hurt. Something is broken but it's not serious like the accident two years ago. He has to be careful 'cos the shoulder will be sensitive for a while. Six weeks of no guitar playing - doctor's orders.
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Sentenced Buried Alice CD/DVD (KNAC.COM)
There is a guy somewhere who was present during the recording of "Cheap Trick At Budokan" who is still talking about that show. Every now and then he'll throw on the cd and rock out. Some people who know him think he's a lucky guy; others think he's a totally self-obsessed asshole who can't let go.
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TuneLab reports: Could Audioslave's time be coming to an end?
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Evan Dando?The Lemonheads? pouty, aggravatingly photogenic singer and only constant member?suffers a strange curse. Not a lack of attention or talent, certainly, nor the classic dilemma of wrong place, wrong time.
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