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Nostalgia Central / 5
This album contains at least two of my favourite songs ever which would be That Song and Blown Wide Open. I would also say The Oaf could be included with them or very close to it. They are among my favourite songs for nostalgia purposes especially. There is probably only one song that makes me more nostalgic than those three and that would be my favourite song of all time.

This album is criminally underrated and it and Big Wreck should have been right there with Soundgarden and their albums in terms of popularity. Actually I'd say higher in some cases. However, for me anyway, the rest of the album as a whole doesn't hold up like those three. And I think that's just because those three songs are so extraordinarily good to me that it would be highly unlikely for each or any of the other songs on the album to be anywhere near them. So I guess that's not a bad thing. There are still some other serious standouts like Look What I Found, Under The Lighthouse (can't forget this one), Between You And I and Overemphasizing (also most notably can't forget this one).

In the end, the album is very well put together and is a phenomenal piece of work. Very few songs make me feel the same way as some of these do. They're so powerful. A record to not be missed. If you like Led Zeppelin and/or Soundgarden, I am thinking you'd be glad if you got a hold of this.

One of the best albums to ever come out of Canada. Period.

Song "Prayer"
Farewell old friend
A season ends
And your conscience lends
All your lies at hand
Because you're a star
And you'll go far
You stand in the flame
Just to make a name

You glance at the ceiling
Buy another round
Lonely, but for feeling
I can hang around, yeah
I can hang around, yeah

The clock I know
It takes time to fall
As the fall I'll do
If only for you
And the chance to run
Has left me spun
Run around the core
Of what I need you for

The disaster
And after all
I need you to remind myself
But it's my fault
It's not my fault
I can't hear the pain
Well pause no more
I've never prayed before, yeah
Never prayed before

You glance at the ceiling
Buy another round
Lonely but for feeling
That I can hang around
I can hang around

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