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Amazon offers All Angels Scream (Audio CD),13 March, 2001
heavy metal |  BiastFear  | heavy metal bands List price $13.98
Unbelievable CD! The future of heavy music is here! / 5
How to describe this recording... You'll have to listen to it again just to take in all that you've just heard. Powerful heavy rock blended with soulful female R&B vocals. Finally, something new for the heavy music community. Not some failed attempt at hip-hop hybrid rock. This, my friends, is where heavy music should be going. Do not pass this one up!
Gods of Music - REVIEWS
Gods of Music - Gods of Music - Free Mp3 reviews, so you can find and download ... With the release of their second album, "All Angels Scream", Biastfear is ...
Mike's Reviews, Part 4 -- MikeSOS's Review Column (continued)
"Mike's Reviews, Part 4". by MikeSOS Sponsored In Part By ... Biastfear is an Ohio rock outfit whose female fronted hard rock is tinged with sultry melodies ...
ALL ANGELS SCREAM by BIASTFEAR. Reviewed on February 12, 2002. Reviewed by STEVEC. Album Rating: ... Check out these other reviews: ...
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