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Church of Ayreon
Information resource and gathering place for all fans of Ayreon and Arjen Anthony Lucassen.
The Dream Sequencer - the band's official site including a picture based discography, lyrics, sound samples, and information on joining the Ayreon fan club and mailing list.
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Rap? / 5
I'll leave the in-depth review in the capable hands of those who have already submitted (although I'm still a bit mystified by the bad rap due to rap content -- I guess we all have opinions!).
I hear many influences in this work, all to great effect. Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Marillion (because of Fish's voice no doubt), Alan Parsons, Supertramp, Holst, blues, even the Beatles! The sci-fi story is compelling and holds all the varied styles together nicely. This is great prog done by great musicians, with enough prog-metal and space rock to satify the most demanding listener. Many spine-tingling passages. Excellent!

Song "And The Druids Turn To Stone"
"It is 2800 B.C. I quietly witness the astounding secret behind the creation of a
mysterious monument in Wiltshire, England."

[Damian Wilson]

The moon sheds no light on Salisbury plain
The day turns to night and the bonfires cease burning

The druids gather round and the chants fill the air
Their echoes resound and the living world stops turning

The magic words are spoken
As we leave the plain in silence
Now the circle stands alone
And the druids turn to stone

The dawn shines its light on Salisbury plain
The day floods the night with gilded rays of sunshine

The magic words were spoken
As we left the plain in silence
Then the circle stood alone
And the druids turned to stone

The rising sun is dancing on the edges of the stones
Casting shadows, creeping down the Avenue
Into the heart of the sarsen trilithons

I marvel at this mystery, beholder of the stars
A holy temple, a sacred burial ground
Guarding well its secrets from us all
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