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Amazon offers All for You (Audio CD),26 October, 2004
heavy metal |  Annihilator  | heavy metal bands List price $17.98
Great record / 4
The other reviewers have done a great job of reviewing this disc. They are on the money with their views about Dave Padden's vocal style. He fails to deliver the goods here. His voice just dosen't seem to gel with Jeff's style. The only song in my opinion where Padden sounds great is the song "The One". But that song is peppered with "na na"!! WTF??? There ain't no place for Na Na's on an Annihilator record in my books. Musically, the record kicks ass. It is definitely not the best Annihilator record out there but it sure gets 4 stars. Jeff Waters will blow you away. The instrumental on this one is not as great as some of the earlier one's but still manages to end the whole experience well. I for one would like to see the next record with Joe Comeau manning the vocal department. He is the perfect Annihilator vocalist. Check out the awesome Carnival Diablos. Mike Mangini absolutely rocks. Great great drummer. I have followed him from his days in Extreme. Hope he is on board on the next record as well. In a nutshell "All For You"
Artwork = 10/10
Production = 9/10
Music = 10/10
Vocals = 6/10
Upsides--Demon Dance, Rage Absolute, Both of Me and The One
Flipsides--All For You (surprisingly), Bled

Song "Criteria for a black widow"
Can u touch it
Can u hold it
Can u love it
Can u need it
Can u use it
Can u taste it
Can u screw it
Can u waste it
Black Widow
Can u caress it
Can u crave it
Can u kiss it
Can u save it
Can u use it
Can u break it
Can u destroy it
Can u rape it
Black Widow
Can u eat it
Can you suck it
Can u bleed it
Can u fuck it
Can u torture it
Can u make it quit
Can u set it free
Thank god it'll never be me
Black Widow

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New Annihilator Album "Metal" Due in April (KNAC.COM)
Anybody reading the album title of the latest Annihilator release, Metal, will know what to expect. What we have here is no pseudo-intellectual moniker, no term that suggests pensiveness or indeed ambiguity, but boldness, directness and determination.
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This is quite a week for monster trucks.
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Grindcore is one of those genres which causes my wife to ask if I'm ever going to grow up. I tell her that just because I've ended up a middle-class suburbanite doesn't mean I have to act like one. I fully embrace Ian MacKaye's lyric from "Minor Threat": "I might be an adult, I'm a minor at heart." 7000 Dying Rats exists as a studio entity formed by Steve Rathbone and D.J. Baraca who went on ...
Warner Music Buys Roadrunner Records (KNAC.COM)
Warner Music Group Corp. today (January 29th) announced the completion of it's acquisition of 73.5 percent of Amsterdam-based Roadrunner Music Group B.V., which includes Roadrunner Records, one of the leading hard rock and heavy metal labels.

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