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Progressive metal band with lyrics and themes based on Finnish national epic, Kalevala.
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A Corner Stone of the Melodic Death Genre.* / 5
AMORPHIS - Tales of a Thousand Lakes
This is album is an essential corner stone of Melodic Death Metal... But Amorphis added strong elements of Rock and Folk. Which they further expanded later on down the road.
As you can see by all the other positive reviews this CD is essential piece of Art to come of the 90's Scandinavian Metal Scene. Every song is well crafted and well executed. Blending dozens of styles and influences in each and every song their famous song `Black Winter Day' is up there with `Moonshield' by In Flames as one of the genres best songs.

The musicianship is great... The guitar playing is exceptional, the drumming is precise and well executed, the keys provide an excellent atmosphere to the music and actually do some great leads, the bass playing seems fitting and mostly provides a suitable wall of sound for the other instruments, and the vocals are well varied between traditional growls and a nice higher octave singing range.

If you like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, or any of the other Melodic Death... You need, to hear this album! Top notch creativity, writing and musicianship if you don't have this GET IT!

Favorite Songs: Black Winter Day, The Castaway, Forgotten Sunrise and In the Beginning.
-5 Stars.

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Song "Black Embrace"
Terror, when the darkness binds your limbs
Terror, when the fear freezes your nerves
Horror, when the pain climbs up your veins
Darkness, creeping under you skin

Moment of life,
when we all have to choose,
which way to go
and for whom to sacrifice your life

Invoke the god - pray
To lead you back to life - pray
Cursed by religion - hate
Learned upon church - fake

In the verge of hell,
of human mind
Redemption of your soul,
as darkness binds you tight

Moment of life,
when we all have to choose,
which way to go
and for whom to sacrifice your life

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