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Saviour Machine
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Saviour Machine
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Amazon offers Legend Pt.1 (Audio CD),19 December, 1996
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Well, I grew up in a christian household and well...most of the music played in that house sucked.haha.Luckily when I was about 12 I was handed a demo tape of the since deceased R.E.X. records.It had some good death and hardcore stuff on it.Mainly Six Feet Deep, Living Sac, and Paramecium.So needless to say,I embraced this music to piss off my parents.I kept trying to find darker and darker music...and I can tell you that in the christian world, this is as good as it gets.These legend albums define most of my pre teen years and now as a real musician and fan of many styles of heavy, and not so heavy,and mainly so called "secular" music.I STILL back these albums.Eric Clayton(SM's frontman) has beautiful brooding vocals.And the orchestration as well as song placement of these albums,to me is nothing short of genius.My favorite song would have to be "The Night",a piano/vocals piece.Its great stuff for fans of the "goth" genre as well as doom,and even opera fans I would dare to say.Check it out.
Song "Love Never Dies"

And the children shall lead the angels at play
In the fields of slaves.
For man is the hunted, accused and forsaken and slain
By his own domain.
The diamond's edge will cut the eyes of the paper mask
In paradise.
The fools of fortune paint their portraits
On carnal crimes and lonely lies.

The tides of war that crash within,
to break the heart and lash the skin,
A man awaits the child inside,
To end his bloody reign in time.

Love never dies - Love never denies,
Love never lies - Love desperately cries,
Unto the other side,
Unto the unborn child in your eyes.

Walk by faith and walk by sight,
You're sanctified with blood and light,
In days of roses, nights sublime,
The prince of passion lives divine.

Love never dies - Love never denies,
Love never lies - Love desperately cries,
Unto the other side,
Unto the unborn child in your eyes.

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