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Contains Petra discography and fan ratings.
Petra Means Rock
Tribute and fan site. Includes a history, a list of awards the band has won, discography, photographs, interviews, and news.
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Still photos from Petra music videos.
Jonathan's Petra fan site
A fan site by Jonathan Theron with a few real audio samples.
Word Records - Petra page
Site by Petra's previous record label with samples from "Double Take" album.
Petra Rocks My World!
Features Petra song lyrics, news, MP3 clips, photos, tour dates, interviews, reviews, chatroom, and email newsletter.
The Petra Zone
This active messageboard is the home of the "Petheads" and also has a chat room.
Gospel Music Hall of Fame - Petra's Page
Includes photo of past and present members of Petra from the Hall of Fame event.
Inpop Records - Petra page
An official page from Inpop Records. Includes music samples and reviews from "Revival" and feature article on Petra.
Petra Sobre la Roca - Foro
Messageboard for Spanish-speaking Petra fans.
Amazon offers Not of This World (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
Christian rock artists |  Petra  | rock music artists List price $13.98
CrutcHead's fave Christian rock LP / 5
Personally, for me this is the best record ever unleashed by Christian Music's perennial rock act - the band Petra, which serves as their worthy follow up for their grand classic album MORE POWER TO YA, that forever laminated the band in their premiere status, stretching their career to a thirty year plus lifespan.

Packaged as the third one to appear with their spaceship-guitar mascot of sorts (this time all set up flying over into space in full ignition (first appearing on their fourth LP, the similarly Black Sabbath LP titled Never Say Die, wherein the Guitar-ship is flagging up not to totally sag down)), going on the similar vein as that of Queen's A DAY AT THE RACES (also a certain follow up LP to another monumental classic album A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, and also there's Aerosmith's PUMP) it is one of those albums which comes as a semi-concept album, containing a track which closed its entirety by the same portion which started the LP - in this case a good rendition of the traditional church tune Doxolgy by PETRA's then-unsung keyboard wiz John Slick, who sadly left the band after this effort.

A leverage of indispensable sound is found entirely on this album incorporated within its melodic rock delivery, that matches the equally insightful and powerful lyrics within each song, being that an improved quality (production-wise) is made possible due to a more expensive budget that's been made affordable from the success of their previous release MORE POWER TO YA to this one -- which claims in retrospect a straightforward thematical structure of christian messages, that are found from the initial title track that'd segued from the introduction of Slick's Doxolgy rendition, to the album's closer "Godpleaser" with its clear crystalized perspective of keeping a keen insight on eternal values within its scope. The band also lambasted matters regarding personal motives with the hard-rocking track "Bema Seat" with a no-holds-barred delivery, just as it suddenly clicks from the relaxed ambience of the very thoughtful title track, and drove again into the similar vein with the song "Grave Robber" - which peculiarly may have been among one of those songs which are intended to the memory of one among Christian music's finest the late Keith Green, who've died on a plane crash accident just a year before this album's release (along with Petra's then-co-STAR SONG label mate Twila Paris' "Do I Trust You"). Then it moved on to end its first side with a carrion call for those who 'do not see' with the track "Blided Eyes"; which afterwards turned to open up the platter's other half with Slick's "Not By Sight", continuing the band's awesome energizers by their lyrical structures for christians to continue on the path. What's outstanding as well is the track "Pied Piper" which speaks of so-called preachers who are more on the interest of propagating corporate means than for those matters with spiritual value.

What's really apparent in this album is Petra's sonic sincerety not only for what christian ideals they try to propagate, but also in their sheer integrity as a solid rock format unit for what they are packaged in at the time. It's a surprise that by the following year Petra pale-out quite instantly with their album BEAT THE SYSTEM - which is an attempt (I bet given by some unknowledgable executive's concept) to change their format vying for the so-called new-wave sound that was then prominent at that time, perhaps driven as well by certain ideas of certain religious communities ... but obviously that's just not what the band should've dealth themselves into, winding Petra to gradually progress to move on as a band in their continuity, but perhaps only just for the sake of making it so, if not for the better as a result.

However, Petra's NOT OF THIS WORLD is just about the simplest hard-rock album and yet undoubtably heavy when it comes to its impact of message and musical clarity.

A real classic.

Song "Never Say Die"
You've been tossing in your sleep
All the promises you made that you couldn't keep
And you're feeling sorry for yourself
Think He's done with you, had Him on the shelf
And you're tired of running the race
Straying to and fro, falling on your face
Oh, you want to throw your towel on in
Brother before you do, you better think again

Never say die, no
You've come too far to turn back now
Give it one more try and He'll help you through
Never say die, no
We are weak but He is strong
and strength He will supply
When you ask Him to

You went wrong, you remember when
Instead of pressing toward the mark you missed it once again
And you think that you're the only one
Who's ever come your way and done what you have done
So you try to tuck your tail and run
But then you realize you're back where you've begun
Oh can't you see Him waiting there for you?
With arms wide open now, wanting to see you through

Press on, press on
Keep your hand upon that plow
Press on, press on
And he will lead you through somehow

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