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American Poetry Review, The: Parable of the Russian Shoes
Full text of the article, 'Parable of the Russian Shoes' from American Poetry Review, The, a publication in the field of Arts & Entertainment, ...
Science Fiction Book Reviews: Patterns, Parable of the Talents
The latest book reviews from the world of science fiction.
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'Mahagonny' rises, falls again (Boston Globe)
Vice and depravity are on their way to the Cutler Majestic Theatre. An entire city's worth. Or so we hope.
Theory Aims To Describe Fundamental Properties Of Materials (Science Daily)
Gold is shiny, diamonds are transparent and iron is magnetic. Why is that? The answer lies with a team of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories about a material's electronic structure, which determines its electrical, optical and magnetic properties.
New York Doll Follows The Strange, Final Days Of Bassist, And Mormon Convert,...
How?s this for a weird story: a Mormon fresh out of film school is looking for a subject. One day, at the LDS church in Pasadena, he meets a man in his 50s who works as a clerk in the genealogical research library ? a tall, balding, anxious guy in a tie who travels to work on the bus.
Short Subjectives (Creative Loafing Atlanta)
Capsule reviews of recently reviewed films...
(2/07/2007) Hitchhiker's Guide To The Festival (Willamette Week)
Screen (NEWS STORY) The good, the bad and the bloody of the Portland International Film Festival's first weekend.
Orlando's Latin American film fest hosts explosion of events (Orlando Sentinel)
OLA Fest, the annual Orlando Latin American Film & Heritage Festival, has to be Orlando's fastest growing film festival. Now in its third year, it has grown from a hastily-mounted four-film, poetry slam event slipped onto the calendar at the Downtown Media Arts Center back in 2005, to an 80-film, multiconcert, multipoet and multivenue event.
ARTS: Our Critics Picks (Nashville Scene)
Evan Dando?The Lemonheads? pouty, aggravatingly photogenic singer and only constant member?suffers a strange curse. Not a lack of attention or talent, certainly, nor the classic dilemma of wrong place, wrong time.
The Desert Diaries One woman. One desert. Something crazy was bound to happen. This is the story of a Midwesterner jumping right into the pool of Southern California.
Attorney in Baghdad to help prosecute war crimes (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
A federal prosecutor from Pittsburgh who once sought justice in the case of a slaughtered undercover drug agent is in Baghdad to help win convictions against loyalists of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
"The Separation" joins crunchy guitars with crystalline polyphony (Minnesota ...
The mystical sounds of a 15th-century choral mass mix with thrashing guitars and crashing drums this weekend at the Walker Art Center. The Walker brings together jazz drummer Bobby Previte with the St. Paul-based Rose Ensemble, a choral group more at home with ethereal medieval chant.

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