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PFR Interview -
Joel, Patrick, and Mark speak with about what brought them back together and what the future holds for PFR.
PFR's Them - Album Review
Bruce A. Brown reviews PFR's album titled Them. [CCM Magazine]
The PfR Project
Selected lyrics, bios, links, and news on the individuals from PFR. PFR Artist Database
Discography with album reviews, links, and interview.
PFR - cMusic
Album reviews.
Amazon offers Them (Audio CD),23 July, 1996
Christian rock artists |  PFR  | rock music artists List price $13.98
Ive had this CD for 7 years and its in myTOP 3 favs all-time / 5
I dont even know what the other two are . . . anyways, I think that this CD is really unique, it is soothing yet upbeat. I used to listen to this CD every night before I went to sleep and its definately one of those rare CD's that never gets old. Every last song on the CD is good, its one of those rare CD's that was just truely inspired and everything was done right on, they only thing that diapointed me is that it ends. They have some more rocking songs that mix with slower ones in a way that doesn't drag at all. It's also deep and has great thought behind the song. I think that they are a good band but this perticular cd PFR - THEM is a level or two up from the other CD's that they have made. It was definately a great way for them to go out . . . there new CD is ok but not nearly as good in my opinion. (ps I am listening to it right now and just ordered it for the 3rd time for my aunt~!) I would buy this cd over and over! actually I had to cause the last copy I had I lost . . . ne-ways, but this cd you will not regret it!!! ps I have 3 or there cds I like them alot, and highlight what one of the other cds said, yes, they are sevearly under-rated.
Song "The Love I Know"

he painted 'i love you' on the bridge
then watched them burn
she bet all she had upon the love
now she's holding her cards
and lost her turn
two hearts in search of wholeness
both willing to risk it all
could true love have fled so easily
leaving both broken from the fall

not the Love i know

Chorus A
it knows no boundaries
keeps no record of wrong
....that's the Love i know
it takes the good with the bad
and it fights to stay strong
....that's the Love i know
this Love always finds a way
to carry on
that's the Love i know

he sits all alone
and stares into an empty sky
she goes through all her mixed emotions
trying to find a reason why
was their pride to big too swallow
was their hurt too deep to heal
could they find some understanding
find forgiveness that's real

that's the Love i know

Chorus B
it speaks in kindness
its seeks only what's true
....that's the Love i know
a love without condition
it looks to renew
....that's the Love i know
it knows that when hope seems gone
hope will come through
that's the Love i know

the Love i know comes from a holy God to man
isn't it time that you received it
are you starting to understand
the Love i know

that's the Love i know

Chorus B

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