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Amazon offers Seeds of Change (Audio CD),19 November, 1996
Christian rock artists |  Kerry Livgren  | rock music artists List price $13.98
A Classic Magnum Opus!!! / 5
1980's "Seeds of Change" was the solo debut album from Kerry Livgren, founder/guitarist/keyboardist and main composer for the classic rock band Kansas.
The album is not only significant as Livgren's first musical foray away from Kansas, it is also the very first album recorded by Livgren following his conversion to Christianity. Because of this, most of the lyric content professes his newly-found faith in a profound 'on-fire' manner. While "Seeds of Change" was not a successful chart hit, the album was and still is a classic in the eyes of long-time Kansas followers as well as fans in Christian Rock circles (The album was one of the pivitol and pioneering efforts of the Christian rock genre, in fact).
While each track employs different musicians with a varied sound, "Seeds of Change" is a unified conceptual effort offering some strong compositions and musicianship as well as lyrics which provide a strong witness to Christ. Amongst the musicians and singers are Kansas bandmates Steve Walsh and Phil Ehart, Barriemore Barlow from Jethro Tull, Mylon LeFevre, David Pack from Ambrosia and Ronnie James Dio. Kerry plays all the guitars, keyboards and sings lead on one track (Whiskey Seed).
"Just One Way" and "How Can You Live" are driving rock pieces that deal with bringing an end to spiritual struggle and newfound hope which follows. The blues-driven "Whiskey Seed", while not displaying an overtly Christian message, depicts the dangerous affects of alcohol abuse and has a strong moral in its lyrics. "Mask Of The Great Deceiver" and "To Live For the King" stirred up a bit of controversy because of who sang lead vocals on them - none other than the then-current Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio. Despite this, Dio delivers a strong performance in singing the absolute truth of who Satan is on "Deceiver" while offering some praise-worthy ad libs on the powerful "King". "Down To The Core" is another blues-rock piece with a soulful horn section while the epic closing piece "Ground Zero" ranks as one of Livgren's finest musically and lyrically - its subject matter dealing with the second coming of Christ.
As a special bonus, the 1996 CD reissue on Renaissance includes a 21-minute interview with Kerry Livgren in which he offers an historical insight into how "Seeds of Change" was made as well as discussing the individual tracks and the musicians and singers that contributed.
After 25 years, "Seeds of Change" still ranks as Kerry Livgren's finest album. The music as well as its lyrics carry a powerful impactful message. Kerry would continue to make music with Kansas as well as on his own as a Christian artist however, there is something special about "Seeds of Change". There really isn't anything else quite like it.

Song "Ground Zero"

Priests molesting children, kids killing for fun.
Talk shows on all day now the damage is done.
We've already lost the race the scars are permanent and they can't be erased.
Can't blame the kids.
They only copy what they see.
The violent shows the only shows on TV.
The world's falling apart at the seams.
Kids are having nightmares.
When they used to have dreams.
The world's falling into decay.
Armageddon's not here yet.
But it's well on it's way.
Murder on the news, scandals everywhere.
The media devours, but does anybody care.
That we have nowhere to turn.
Our direction's been lost.
Looks like we'll never learn.
There's no teachers left.
Our heroes have fallen.
No one to look up to.
What the fuck's going on?
Too many problems not enough solutions.
Too many people causing too much pollution.
The minority decides the jury's verdict.
And they'll riot in the streets if they don't get their way.
Killer bees are coming, illiteracy increasing.
The gangs are in the suburbs and the G.N.P's decreasing.
And it's not going up, we're running out of jobs as unemployment erupts. The neighbors don't talk there's no trick or treating.
We've been fighting each other and we've all been beaten.
The world is in its last stage.
The history book's been written and we're on the last page.
The world's got 10 seconds left. 10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

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