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Fono -
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Fono -
List of members, discography, and review of "Goesaroundcomesaround."
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Where have these guys been all my life? This is great stuff. Foo Fighters fans eat your hearts out! For a trio, these guys are really tight. The mix is wonderful, everything is full and 'in-your-face'. The songwriting is exceptional. When are these guys going to release another disc? The essence of melodic/power rock. Highly recommended.
Song "Collide"
Bloodshed starts twisting and raging
Driven by dirt hidden inside
Fear turns to hatred the core depraved
Desperate people ready to join the lines


Far from regret intolerant, enraged
self justified
Their bloody slogans fuel the hate
And all that's left is dead bodies for the flies

Diseased machinery, blinded masses
Still upholding the cruel and insane
A vicious circle clouds their minds
And no one will ever stop their violent reign


A Review by The Phantom Tollbooth
Nevertheless, Fono keep improving, and should win a many new friends supporting the Goo Goo Dolls on their current tour. For a review of Fono's album Goes ...
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Fono - Goes Around Comes Around | Cross Rhythms
in the '90s Fono were one of the biggest bands on the UK Christian scene. ... Location: Home › Reviews › Fono - Goes Around Comes Around, Log in or Join ...
Restaurant Review: The Fono's labor of love
Restaurant Review: The Fono's labor of love. Quiet European charm and a deft touch with seafood highlight the 13-year-old Bravo Fono. by Kathleen Grant ...
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