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Seafield: Bleach
Includes discography, images and reviews.
Song "Eleven"
A brand new you, you're twice the view
Fashion consultants only ask for a few,
Look in the mirror, your new face is here
But now only the make-up is there
Attempt to create, to animate
To make a change, you have to sedate
The outside's there, it's a thoroughfare
But on the inside there is not much there

You love your pretties, and your things
Are you nothing more than just a fashion scene

Put away your stuff today
Your outsides covered mud and clay
Let Him kiss your sin away

A brand new you, its not the view
Rearrange your inside hurts a few
The makeup's gone, facades done
New and improved, you think it's the one
You let Him in, let Him begin
It's amazing what He can do with sin
The outside's not what you want it to be
The inside's got everything you need

It's time to kill your glamour life
It's time to live from inside

Inside out He'll tear you out
Show you what this life's about
Chip away your walls of doubt

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