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Heartache to Heart of Joy by Marty McCormack.
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Official site. Biography, lyrics, Real Audio files, photos, concert dates and message board.
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Watch Jennifer Knapp's performance recorded at the Alive 2000 music festival in Canal Fulton, OH on 6/23/2000.
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Feature article on Contemporary Christian musician Jennifer Knapp. [The Tennessean]
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Use Real Player or Windows Media Player to view Jennifer Knapp's concert recorded at Creation East, Agape Farm in Mt. Union, PA on 7/1/2000
Amazon offers Jennifer Knapp Live (Audio CD),24 January, 2006
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This WON'T Disappoint!!! / 5
If you are a true Jennifer Knapp will not be disappointed with this Live Set. There are few female artists in the mainstream secular genre that can rival Knapp in her artist talent, composing & lyricism. She's an outstanding musician and this album is no exception! Her preformance in "Undo Me" and "A Little More" is superb. Definately a CD that true Jennifer fans will want in their library. Her guitar solos in this album are unreal! Eat your heart out Sheryl can't hold a candle to this one!
Song "Ocean Of Mercy"

River of healing, carry me
Flow through all my years
Ocean of mercy deep and free
Wash away all of my tears

River of healing flow through me
Lead me all of my days
Fountain of truth forever be
Guiding all my ways

Pour your Spirit down on me
Like holy rain from above
River of healing, carry me
Upon the Father's love

River of healing let me be
Holy in every part
So Your living water reflects in me
The shape of my
Savior's heart

Faithful God Your grace will be
A refuge sure enough
River of healing, carry me
Upon the Father's love
River of healing, carries me
Upon the Father's love

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Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ... This isn't really a review as such; I am new to Jennifer Knapp's music and maybe ...
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