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Fan site with biography, tour dates, poll, photos, MP3s, and links.
100% All Natural
Fan site including pictures, bio, and news.
Unofficial Natural Website!
An unofficial fan site with tour dates, discography, lyrics, and links.
It's Only Natural
Includes pictures, news, lyrics, and links.
Allison Loves Natural.
Fan site with picures, news, discography, and links.
Orlando group made of five guys. Updates, concert dates, and photos.
A Natural Site of Fun
Fan site with pictures, news, and links.
Official site of Orlando, Florida boy band. News, bios, gallery, tour dates, message board, audio/video, and merchandise.
Naturally Amazing
Includes pictures, lyrics, and links.
Natural - Inofficial Promo Crew
German Sister Site of Natural's UK Street Team. Check out the latest news, pictures (regularly updated), and videos.
Amazon offers All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors (Audio CD),20 February, 2001
Boy bands |  Natural  | Blue bay band List price $14.98
A shimmering cacophony of guitars / 4
There's no questioning what you'll get on this CD, guitars...and lots of it. For a band of such talent and creativity, it's a shame All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors languished in musical obscurity. Taking a bit from both My Bloody Valentine's template and neo-psychadelic experimentalism, this self-titled release is a shimmering cacophony of guitars. The shoegaze influence is evident, but what's interesting is how All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors tries to vary it's guitar approach, sometimes even all at once. These strands include My Bloody Valentine's crashing 'wall of sound' feedback and The Smiths/U2 indie jangle, to post-punk's spiked riffs and The Sundays' waterfall-like guitar romps. Thrown into the mix are these spacey studio effects, somewhat reminiscent of 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots' by The Flaming Lips or latter period Stereolab. The hushed vocals are typical of any shoegaze band (Pale Saints, Chapterhouse, Ride) but if one were to narrow it down, generally very similar to the beckoning drone of MBV's 'Isn't Anything'. Visceral guitar scope combined with analog noodling, all overseen by the watchful eyes of the shoegaze gods. This is a heavenly guitar stew, intoxicating, a sharp bite to each ingredient, yet added in moderation to the pot. 'All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors' is an exceptional work, an undiscovered gem...only to be discovered by you.
Song "Runaway"
I’m sick of all the days gone by
When I didn’t have you to myself
I’m tired of E-mail conversations
It could be someone else
You say you need me
Like the roses need sun or they’ll die
No matter what the people say
Let’s run away

Let’s run away
Miles away
Let the people say what they wanta’ say
It’s our fantasy
I’m in love with thee
Let forever be our brand new policy
Let’s run away
Far away
Love will take us there we’ll be okay
Make this dream come true
I’ll be next to you
Let’s just run away

I can smell your perfume off everything I wore
When we kissed that night.
I can see your face on every wall
Even through the dark of the night.

(Marc & J)
And when you call my cell phone
My heart skips a beat out of time

If you really love me don’t leave me, girl
We don’t have to say goodbye
We did it all for love
Let’s run away, let’s run away.


(All) Let’s run away

Oh… don’t you remember when we used to sit
And we’d dream of a home that we’d share

Let’s run away

We’d stand in the crowd
And we’d talk out real loud
Girl, you’d swear we were already there

We did it all for love


Let’s run away


(Marc adlibs)

Girl, we did it all for love

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